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Post by Gir. on Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:39 am

Forum Rules
No Backseat Modding
No double posting
No spamming
No extreme graphic images

Do not bring back old threads.
Do not flame other members or staff.
Do not ask for a staff position, it is given out.
Don't post one word posts.

Graphics Rule
Do not post ripped art.
Do not leech any signatures or other art.

Forum Regulations:

Read & Accept:

* We will not tolerate racist or anti-semitic behavior of any kind. We all are here for 2 reason - graphics and design.

* You are not allowed to post adult (sexual of any nature), nudity content on Tech Gfx or linking to it.

* You must respect Tech Gfx members. No flaming or insulting behavior.

* No ripping will be tolerated. Nobody is allowed to use other's work without permission of the owner and/or claim to be owner of the piece. All the rippers will be caught and banned.

* Large advertising in topics or PM advertising is not allowed. The only type of advertising you can use is your signature (you can put only a link).

* Posting useless topics (spam) to increase your post/credit count is not allowed.

* Registering multiple accounts if you get banned is not allowed. A ban is final, it doesn't mean you can re-register a new account.

* Bumping is not allowed.

* Flaming Tech Gfx staff. We can only add that this is not a good thing.

* Please use the "Search" function. Use it before posting or asking for something, because it's possible that somebody else already made a similar topic.

* You can't use more then 2 tags in your signature. You should understand that it makes slower the page loading and sometimes it's getting annoying, have respect for the dial-up users among us.

* Commenting somebody's work doesn't mean say "nice" or "cool". Comments and criticism is the right way. Just try to help a person to improve his work by giving good advices.

* Remember: you are responsible of every kind of materials you post here.
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